PQWT-TC150·150 Meters Automatic Mapping Underground Water Detector

PQWT-TC150·150 Meters Automatic Mapping Underground Water Detector

Rs. 142,599.00

PQWT-TC150 Automatic mapping underground water detector

PQWT-TC150 Series geophysical prospecting instrument: the use of natural electric field source as a working farm, with resistivity contrasts underground rocks and minerals or groundwater, based on measuring the natural electric field on the surface of the N different frequency electric field component, according to their different variation to study Abnormal changes in geological bodies produce, reaching solve geological problems one electrical prospecting methods. According to this theory the design and production of equipment called potential frequency of detecting instrument, referred to natural selected frequency electric field instrument or instruments for geological exploration work. The instrument is the use of natural earth field source without going through artificial field that is omitted clumsy power supply system in order to achieve the simple, lightweight instrument.

After data collection by the unique built-in computing functions, the instrument can automatically draw curve graph and profile map with one button, according to the profile map, you can clearly understand the geological structure and quickly determine the location of rock frame , karst cave, aquifer etc...

Main Features

  1. Be suitable for plain, hill, mountain land, highland, basin all kinds of geologic structure application;

    2. Automatic mapping in the instrument, get drilling position and depth result at site.

    3. Professional user group offers 24 hours after sale service.

    4. The average accuracy more than 90% from user feedback.

    5. Four languages including English/Spanish/French/Arabic are optional.

    6. It is widely used for drinking water, agricultural irrigation water detection.

    7. Non-professionals can learn the operation way in 5 minutes.

    8. only 1-2 people can operate.

    This instrument can automatically form curve graph and profile map with one button after completed recording data, 

no need transfer the data to computer for drawing mapping.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Depth:150 meter

Measurement Range: 0mV-2000mV, instrument automatic conversion range

Measurement Accuracy: 0.001mV

Measurement Channel: 4

Measuring Frequency: Single, triple and 33 frequency

Optional Language:Chinese,English,French,Arabic

A/D Conversion:12-bit 1Msps

Input Impedance: ≧10MΩ

Power Supply: DC12V4000mAh Built-in Battery

Power Consumption: About 4W

Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃

RH: ≦85%


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