PQWT-CL200·2 Meters Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector

PQWT-CL200·2 Meters Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector

Rs. 116,500.00

Note :

Latest Ultrasonic Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector PQWT-CL200 , 2M

PQWT-CL200 underground pipes water leak detector is high performance leak detection equipment, has powerful anti-jamming and data processing capabilities, you can make your work easier.

 Main Features

  1. The use of latest digital signal processing chip and a digital filter chip, 16M cache controller integrated, more responsive. In particular,it can filter with the  interference of environmental noise, screening out the leakage noise, allowing the operator to lock leakage points quickly.
  2. 7-inch high-definition digital color LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 * 480, can provide 12 display pages, can show the measurement parameters more clearly and intuitively, and full touch screen design, simple operation.

3.Each has 1 ~ 5000Hz frequency range (spectrum analysis), can be displayed the distribution of the noise signal at each frequency in real-time.

4.Automatic drawing continuous noise curve (Long-Term Mode) within a certain time, So that the leakage point position is determined more quickly.

  1. Sensor is built-in preamp circuit, using a rubber ring seal and cushion, and the application of professional acoustic methods,making the ability to capture the noise is higher than similar products.
  2. Adopt latest noise detecting element, sounds clear.
  3. Save 8 sections totaling eight minutes of recording, which is not lost after shut down, could be analyzed at any time.
  4. Using a large capacity battery, can work for more than ten hours , and can be removed charging and online charging.
  5. Super anti-jamming circuit design, digital signal and analog signal effectively isolate and eliminate the noise generated by the digital circuit.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Depth:2 meter

Frequency Range:1-5000HZ

Audio Amplifier Gain: Adjustable within the class of 100dB

Operation Mode:Spectrum Analysis, Filtering Analysis, Location Mode, Long-term Mode

LCD Size:7-inch HD Digitial LCD Touch Screen

Live Recording:Recording sound, saving sound, replay and automati save the records when shut down repeat and delete the records.

Stand-by Time:8 Hours
Power Supply:3.7V 4000mAh Rechargeable lithium Battery





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