KTS GPA 3000 Gold Scanner 3D Metal Detector hiloramart.com
KTS GPA 3000 Gold Scanner 3D Metal Detector hiloramart.com
KTS GPA 3000 Gold Scanner 3D Metal Detector hiloramart.com
KTS GPA 3000 Gold Scanner 3D Metal Detector hiloramart.com

KTS GPA 3000 Gold Scanner 3D Metal Detector

Rs. 1,320,500.00

 Call And WhatsApp For Price Discount And Detail Information+91 9311950073 / 9315286488 GPA 3000 Maximum search performance: approx. 25 meters (82 ft)   The GPA 3000 is a professional soil scanner,...

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 Call And WhatsApp For Price Discount And Detail Information+91 9311950073 / 9315286488

GPA 3000

Maximum search performance: approx. 25 meters (82 ft)

GPA3000 outside1GPA3000 outside3


The GPA 3000 is a professional soil scanner, which is developed and produced by KTS-Electronic in Germany.

The latest 3D soil scanner GPA 3000 
detects metals in depths, which are not reachable with the best metal detectors. Furthermore the GPA 3000 has the feature to detect also cavities. The cavity detection allows the localization of gold treasures in caves and chambers and detection of metals and archaeological findings. As well mining companies are using the best 3D metal detector system, but also treasure hunter, gold seeker, authorities and archaeologists.

GPA 3000 offers the following advantages:

  • Four various max. search performances (10 m, 15 m, 20 m and 25 m)
  • Simple switching to other sensors by keystroke, i.e. change of probes is not necessary!
  • Newly constructed 1 meter super probe, suitable for finding objects which are located in great depths
  • New "GPA Visualizer" 3D Software
  • Tablet mount
  • Wireless data transfer through Bluetooth®

Electronic unit

Due to the installation of micro electronic the GPA 3000 electronic is placed into a compact aluminum box. The electronic unit is equipped with an ON-/OFF-key and a push-button "search depth" which enables a switch to the various sensors and allows the immediate control of all relevant data such as sensor value, calibration, chosen search depth and battery control.

Mineral resources, treasures and cavities have an influence on the ground balance. In contrast to conventional metal detectors the GPA technology has the decisive advantage to measure changes in the ground. The measured data will automatically be digitized with the "GPA Visualizer" 3D software and is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to the tablet computer.

The GPA 3000 is user-friendly and can be operated without any particular technical skills. Without the necessity of further modulations the calibration is conducted by a microprocessor and will be carried out automatically on every soil. The GPA 3000 set therefore is applicable on every soil type.

The electric power supply (operating time approx. 6 to max. 12 hours) is guaranteed through a built-in 2800 mAh li-ion battery. The provided quick-charger will fully charge the battery within 2 hours. An external car charging cable for the connection to your car's cigarette lighter (socket) belongs to the equipment as well as an additional 110 volt adapter.

gpa3000 front2GPA3000 display strength10GPA3000 display strength15
GPA3000 display strength20 GPA3000 display strength25

PA 3000 probes

The set contains the GPA 60 cm Universal probe and the new GPA 3000 1-meter Super probe.
The probes dispose of highly sensitive sensors and an automatic calibration to measure smallest ground variations.

GPA3000 probe
The GPA 60 cm (24") Universal probe is connected to the vertically adjustable carbon telescope bar.
GPA3000 superprobe

The large Super probe measures approx. 1 meter (39") in length with a weight of approx. 1,150 grams (2.2 lbs.).
While searching with the Super probe the electronic unit is attached to the top of the probe.

GPA 3000 Software


Among the KTS 3D software the GPA 3000 additionally is equipped with the new "GPA Visualizer" 3D software. This program can be operated with a few easy computer commands.

The search starts by pressing the start button and the choice of three various speeds. The search can be interrupted anytime through the stop button. A re-start is possible by touching the start button. The search can be completed when pressing the end button. Press on “3D” and the 2D picture is changed into 3D.

measurement2016 8003D representation
measurement2016 2 800
2D representation


Metal discrimination

The GPA 3000 set contains the GOLD SCAN II gold detector, which also is newly developed. The device comes with a waterproof 25 cm (9.8") searchcoil, the 1 x 1 m searchframe and the fitting charger. The gold detector GOLD SCAN II discriminates gold from other metals and indicates the scanned metal type on the display.

GOLD SCAN II is the follow-up model of the known GOLD SCAN metal detector and impresses gold seekers with its higher sensitivity towards gold and with a up to 30 % higher performance concerning small gold pieces, such as gold nuggets.
This waterproof coil (25cm) is applicable for the location of particularly small metals as well as large objects. There is no need for additional adjustments.

25 cm waterproof searchcoil (10")

pulse ar 3 25cm searchcoil

The new 1 x 1 m search frame is contained only in the GPA 3000 set and is produced with an internal cable. Large areas are scanned quickly and effortlessly. The search frame is suitable for the deep scanning after medium-sized and big objects and with the aid of shoulder straps it can be carried from 1 to 2 persons. It is made of plastic pipes and is demountable into 4 pieces. The demounted frame is delivered in the attached bag and can be transported easily.

1 x 1 m search frame


Cylindrical waterproof searchcoil

Cylindrical coil

The waterproof cylindrical searchcoil is due to its dimensions of 5 x 20 cm especially appropriate for the search in wells, narrow cavities and under water.

  • NEW GPA 3000 - The new development of KTS-Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany is a professional 3D ground scanner, equipped with the most powerful sensors and achieves a maximum search performance of up to 25 meters (82 feet).

  • Scope of delivery


    • GPA 3000 electronic unit with Bluetooth® incl. installed li-ion battery
    • GPA Super probe 100 cm (39")
    • GPA Universal probe 60 cm (24")
    • 2-part carbon telescope bar with armrest and bag
    • Tablet computer with KTS software and operation system incl. li-ion battery
    • Powerful quick charger 220 Volt including 110 Volt adapter
    • Power inverter with car loading cable
    • Solid hard-top case


    • New "GPA-Visualizer" 3D program (already installed on tablet computer)
    • USB stick with pre-installed software for processing data on other computers

    GOLD SCAN II metal discrimination:

    • GOLD SCAN II electronic unit with Bluetooth incl. installed li-ion battery, bag
    • Powerful quick charger 220 Volt, inverter with car loading cable, incl. 110 Volt adapter
    • 25 cm (9.8") coil (waterproof) with carbon telescope bar
    • Cylindrical coil (waterproof) 5 cm ø, 20cm (7.87") in length, incl. 10m (32 ft.) cable
    • 1 x 1 m search frame with internal cable (4 parts) and bag


    • English, German, French or Spanish user's manual
    • 2 years manufacturer's warranty for the entire scope of delivery (incl. hardware and software)