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GPA 1000

GPA 1000 is offered in a set with GOLD SCAN II as an additional metal detector for gold and metal discrimination. The best 3D gold detector 2016 is also a ground scanner and uses the high depth performance of the GPA technology for professional treasure hunting.

The GPA 1000 V16 set is applicable on every soil type. Through precise measuring of soil changes the device finds gold and other metals and locates cavities up to a maximum depth of approx. 15 meters.

GPA1000 super probe field
GPA1000 super probe field2

Due to precise measurement of soil changes the GPA 1000 V16 set enables the:

  • Identification of gold find, precious metals, cavities,  ancient treasures,
  • Determination of size and shape of the findings,
  • Presentation in 2D and 3D on screen,
  • Transmission of wireless data transfer to tablet computer through Bluetooth®

GPA1000 super probe field3

The GPA 1000 V16 is a professional ground scanner, which is developed and produced by KTS-Electronic in Germany. With a maximum search performance of approx. 15 meters (approx. 49 feet) GPA 1000 V16 outmatches by far other gold detectors and professional metal detectors with their outdated technology and limited potential.

The device's excellent search performance is reached through newly developed probes, which are equipped with sensitive high-power sensors and a microprocessor-controlled earth's magnetic field compensation. As a result the GPA search system marks the present state-of-the-art.

Due to transformation into micro electronic it was possible to place the new electronic unit into a small aluminum box, The unit is carried with an armrest at the forearm; this enables a comfortable handling.

The GPA 1000 V16 is easy to control and can be operated without prior knowledge. The current version is provided with only one ON-/OFF-button. After power up the display immediately shows all relevant informations.

Mineral resources, treasures and cavities have an influence on the ground balance. Compared to conventional metal detectors the GPA technology has a crucial advantage to measure changes in the ground and to display these changes through a 3D visualisation software (which is developed by KTS-Electronic) on the provided tablet computer.

Electronic unit

gpa1000 2015

The compact electronic unit is placed in a sturdy aluminum box. Equipped with an integrated digital display the unit delivers data on battery status, provides information on compensation and shows the sensor value. The data is automatically digitized and will be transformed wirelessly via Bluetooth® to the tablet computer. Without the necessity of further settings the calibration is conducted by a microprocessor and will be automatically carried out on every soil. The GPA 1000 set therefore is applicable on every soil type. The electric power supply (operating time approx. 6 to maximum 12 hours) is guaranteed through a built-in 2800 mAh li-ion battery. Through the provided quick-charger the battery is fully charged within 2 hours. An external car charging cable for the connection to your car's cigarette lighter (socket) is part of the equipment as well as an additional 110 Volt adapter.

Metal discrimination

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The GPA 1000 V16 set contains the new GOLD SCAN II gold detector, that discriminates gold from other metals and simultaneously indicates the metal type on the display. The new GOLD SCAN II is the successor of GOLD SCAN, which is well-known worldwide. It convinces with a higher sensitivity on gold and a up to 30 % higher search performance on small gold pieces.

gold scan ii

GPA Probes

The GPA 1000 V16 set also includes the new GPA universal probe and the latest GPA super probe. In order to measure smallest changes in the ground, the probes are equipped with high-sensitivity sensors and an automatic calibration. The probes are connected to a carbon telescope bar, which easily is adjustable in length.

GPA Universal probe:

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The horizontal universal probe measures 45.5cm (18 inches) in length and is with 560 grams very light.

GPA Super probe:

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The large horizontal 60cm (24 inches) probe achieves a 30 % increase of performance and has a weight of only 795 grams.

Live Mode

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The live mode allows a quick scanning of large areas. Initially it is reasonable to search wide-ranging areas in the live mode to mark the relevant region and to subsequently analyse in the 3D mode explicitly.


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New KTS 3D Software "GPA Visualizer"

The up to date GPA 1000 V16 is provided with the new GPA Visualizer software. The modern 3D program of KTS Electronic can be handled easily.

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The search starts with the selection of the favored speed. Besides the "normal" speed the user is able to choose between "fast" or "max.speed". The measuring starts by pushing the "Start" button and is ended or interrupted by pressing the "Stop" button. The search can easily be continued when the "Start" button is pressed again. The 2D measurement is visualized in 3D presentation at the end of the search.

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