DRS Ground Exper Light Metal Detector hiloramart.com
DRS Ground Exper Light Metal Detector hiloramart.com
DRS Ground Exper Light Metal Detector hiloramart.com
DRS Ground Exper Light Metal Detector hiloramart.com

DRS Ground Exper Light Metal Detector

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Loop Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Add. 2nd. Floor, 10 No. Indian Bank, Rohtak Road, Inder Enclave, Paschim , Vihar,, New Delhi, Delhi 110087 

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DRS GROUND EXPER LIGHT : Incredible depth and perfect metal discrimination!


This is the new edition of the Ground Exper. This LIGHT version features Bluetooth and USB connectivity, adjustable discrimination on 5 levels and lots of software improvements for better performances. It is sold with the 1 mt x 1 mt frame coil only.  It DOES NOT come with a Tablet PC. In order to use it, you should provide Android Phone or Android Tablet. For Tablet PC and 2 extra coils (27 cm and 48 cm) you may consider Ground Exper PRO version.

Ground Exper LIGHT is a professional treasure detector. We're not dealing here with a simple hobby metal detector to find coins 20cm below the soil. This detector that has been engineered in Germany is made to reach depth up to several meters on large targets such as hoards, relics and weapons. It features a lot of innovative technologies such as bluetooth control unit, intelligent discrimination system and accurate image display of target with metal and depth.

Ground Exper LIGHT is the first metal detector being able to show you the shape of the object below your feet. Ground balance is adjusted automatically in 4 seconds regardless of the mineralization of the soil. Once tuned, software will automatically adjust to mineralization level. Therefore even treasure hunters that have never tested a professional detector can easily use Ground Exper LIGHT. The standards of treasure hunting will change with Ground Exper LIGHT.

We offer custom versions of our programs depending on the country you're living in and the nature of finds/metal that can be made in your area. No other metal detector manufacturer offers this kind of approach.

Pulse Induction 1×1 meter coil allows you to reach incredible performance up to several meters on any kind of soils whatever your country is. 27 and 48 cm coils are available as an option for places with limited space where the 1 meter coil does not pass and for small targets.

Ground Exper LIGHT also brings perfect metal distinction with never seen before target display. It comes with a software operating on Android operating system that connects with control unit with Bluetooth or USB connection. The LIGHT version DOES NOT include TabletPC. You should provide your own Android Phone or Android Tablet.

Our Lithium Ion battery system runs without interruption for 18 hours. Our 1×1 meter frame is assembled in a matter of seconds and is much more resistant than other frames on the market. We can also offer 2×2 meter and 3×3 meter frames for depth never seen before ! Headphone, regular and car chargers are both included as well as carrying bags for the unit and the frame.

1) Ground Exper LIGHT is a professional detector that goes really deep (up to several meters) regardless of the nature of the soil

2) Ground Exper LIGHT offers never seen before metal discrimination for a pulse induction metal detector. Get rid of big iron rusty objects !

3) Ground Exper LIGHT let you see the shape, metal and depth of the object before you even start digging.

4) Ground Exper LIGHT offers an unbeatable price

5) Ground Exper LIGHT is an ever-evolving machine. You can add new metals to its database. You can control it via tablet PC or cell phone.

6) Ground Exper LIGHT engineers offer optimized versions of their products for the region of the world you live in. It comes in 6 languages : German, English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Russian,

7) Ground Exper LIGHT features automatic static and mineral elimination: get rid of all EMI !

8) Ground Exper LIGHT is Easy to use and fully customizable

9) Ground Exper LIGHT automatically ground balances according to mineralization level of the soil.

It is the first Pulse Induction Metal Detector with perfect discrimination!

So far, the biggest problem for treasure hunters has been the worthless items that can be found under the ground. Aluminium cans, nails, caps, horse shoes and rusty large pieces of iron are nightmares. Ground Exper LIGHT will allow you to save time and efforts providing you tips on the shape, metal and depth of the target before you even start digging. Ground Exper LIGHT program is fully customizable. You can select the metal you want to dig on, and the ones you wish to reject. You may also teach Ground Exper LIGHT “new metals” that will be stored in the control unit database.

Before Ground Exper, if you want a professional detector designed for treasure hunting that can reach several meters of depth, usually you have to use all metal mode Pulse induction metal with a one meter coil. Sometimes those units can get rid of non corroded ferrous shallow targets, but when you go deep below the soil they get confused and let you dig on iron and junk targets. Ground Exper now offers perfect discrimination. It can easily get rid of small or large iron objects whatever their degree of corrosion is. Ground Exper also makes difference between highly and medium conductive metals (such as mixed metals). It will also display an alert when reaching gold. You can select which metal you want to dig for and which ones you want to get rid of using one of the 5 presets: highly valuable, valuable, gold, ferrous, all metal. In this new LIGHT version, you can also manually increase or decrease discrimination on 5 levels to make sure you do not miss low conductivity targets.

Upgradable and easy to use!

 Ground Exper PRO can be controled via a tablet or a cell phone running under Android. Access to all settings is made through our software. No need for an extra computers to analyse data. Everything is processed directly on the screen. Ground balancing that is ususally a pain to adjust with Professional metal detectors is tuned automotically in just 4 seconds making the Ground Exper a very easy to use detectors even for beginners.  It's also multilingual coming with menus in 9 languages (German, English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian).

  • Pulse Induction technology
  • Frequency 205.8 Hz
  • 39.37″ (100cm) coil included
  • 10 preset discrimination modes
  • Teach your Ground Exper to accept/reject new metals
  • Bluetooth & USB connection between tablet and control box
  • Displays shape, depth and metal of the target
  • Fast and automatic ground balance
  • Adjustable discrimination & sensitivity
  • Lithium Ion battery  12V DC, 12.4V DC / 8Ah
  • Headphone  included (3,5 mm. Stereo.)
  • Comes with harnass and chargers (both AC and car adapters)
  • Length 1100 - 1350mm
  • Weight 3500gr
  • Multilingal menus: German, English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Optional 27cm Round, 48cm Round, 2 meters and 3 meter Frame coils. Possibility to upgrade to PRO version. (contact us)