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Gold Century Hand Held Metal Detector

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Product Description

* GC-1002 is a small hand-held metal detector, security inspection of special tools.

* Its easy to use, without any adjustment controller, detect metallic objects fast response, sound and light alarm simultaneously, and the LED with   Ø3.5mm headphone jack.

* Detection of small metal to clear a lower frequency tone sound, detecting large metal objects from high audio tone sound.

* Is mainly used for the airport, courts, prisons, stadiums, entertainment places such as the security check, can search the harm personal safety of concealed   weapons, tools and hidden metal objects, and can also be used for hand baggage, mail and parcel check.


* The blinking green LED indicates the unit is  working well

* Audio Alarm and red LED indicate a metal target

* Press power switch up for continuous operation and  scan approx 5cm from search area.

* Press power switch down for momentary operation  and lower sensitivity scanning which may be  necessary while searching near floors.

* Use reset button to recover initial status.

 Product Features:

* Upon completion a series of self-test.

* Operation  status constantly monitored.

* Audio alert / LED alert

* Audio tone changes as the metal size changes

* Normal sensitivity / Low sensitivity

* Headphone Jack

* 9V alkaline battery

* Weight: 304g

* Size: 414x85x30mm

 Using the method

* Using a small screwdriver battery box cover, back  to remove the battery cover.

* Correctly in battery  button on the new 9V alkaline batteries  (6F22.S006P type), and pay attention to the  positive battery, negative.

* Push on the battery  cover plate, locking the battery box fixing  screws. Handheld metal detector portion of the handle, the  switch from OFF position to the ON      position on,  the power supply is switched on, self-test, after  1-2 seconds, two, is the green Ready lights  flashing red lights indicates, Alert, said in    the  conventional sensitivity detection continuous  operation state.

* When the switch is pressed  downwards by the OFF position, hand continue to  hold   the power is switched on, just, this machine  is the sensitivity to detect    reduced temporarily  operating state.

* The hand loosens, returned to  power the OFF position.

* When the detection region scanning through a known  metal target, horn audio alarm sound, positive,  reverse two face red Alert light light indicator. 

* The large object metal target detection, audible  tone will become high, is different from that of  small objects detection

 Package Include:

1 X Handheld Security detector GC-1002

1 X User Manua

 Note: Because of China's aviation regulations, our product does not include the battery , Battery is very cheap, please to buy yourself store, thank you for your understanding and support!

Other Notice  

After-sales service:

  After receiving the product, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will solve any of your problems.


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