Hand Held Metal Detector

Loop Scano 1100 Hand Held Metal Detector

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Loop Techno Systems brings to you their indigenously designed and manufactured start of the art high-end hand held detector “Loop Scano LS 1100”. With customized and advanced design that covers maximum area under its scanner, it helps with faster and efficient detection of metals in its proximity. Along with wider body, highly sensitive sensors, Loop Scano LS 1100 hand held metal detector gives accurate results every time. It’s strong and sturdy design makes it last longer. With high battery life, it does not need to be charged for a long time. Loop Techno offers 2 years of warranty on this highly efficient and strong hand held metal detector. Loop Scano LS 1100 is perfectly suited for border areas, high risk security zones such as police departments, airports, malls, defense and private programmers. Loop Scano LS 1100 with its wide sensors and special design helps you search people and small bags with ease. With ergonomic grip and easy recharge battery slot, it can be operated by anyone with little training. It is compliant with government requirements and is GEM certified.

Loop Scano 1100 Hand Held Metal Detector

 Specification : No Tools required to change standard 9V Battery ( Included )

Three - Color LED indication , Green LED = ON , Amber LED = Low Battery Red LED =Alaram.

Operating Temperature : -40 °C to 75 °C

Width : 110mm, Thickness : 40mm , Lenth : 450mm , Total Weight : 500g.

Battery Requirements : Recommended 500 Mah.

Warranty : 2 Years

AC/DC Adaptor Model : 1210 ,

Input : 100 -240 VAC , 50/60Hz

Output : 12V = 1A

Allows recharging without removing the batter. 

Includes environmentally friendly Cadmium free Ni-MH Battery and charger


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